Lingo in Hospital for Covid-19

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AS Joseph Vautor La Placelierre known in the entertainment industry as “The Mighty Lingo” is now battling the dreaded Covid-19 virus, his loved ones are asking for as much prayers as possible for his speedy recovery.

The visually impaired four-time extempo champion Joseph Vautor La Placeliere, is hospitalised at the Arima General Hospital.

Guardian Media reported that his wife Chanelle La Placeliere who is also visually impaired said that she was worried and fearful for her husband’s survival.

She believes that he may have contracted Covid from his workplace – the Trinidad and Tobago Blind Welfare Association and that there were three confirmed cases at the association.

Chanelle said while her husband was not in the Intensive Care Unit ICU, she has been provided with regular updates on her husband’s status and the family was depending on the medics.

She pleaded, “We want as much prayers as possible. He is in good spirits. Due to what we have been hearing it is scary. It is heartbreaking and heart-wrenching…It is just not a nice feeling. I can’t explain it. It is not a nice feeling to be in this position, you know, actually witnessing what it is like.”

The couple has been married for two years.


Executive officer of the T&T Blind Welfare Association Kenneth Suratt told Guardian Media that in the last three weeks, four employees of the association tested positive for the virus one of whom is Lingo adding that it may be difficult to tell where the virus was first contracted from.

Lingo does basketry   at the association.

“Blind persons are all over the place. They could have gotten it here or elsewhere. They live life like everybody else,” Suratt said.

Hudson, Awninings

He revealed that there was one  vaccinated employee who was affected by Covid-19 and she has recovered.

He also said there was a fifth worker who was very ill is reluctant to take the test.

In July, Suratt said the association started the process to get persons vaccinated but some have made it clear they were not accepting it.

Suratt had best wishes for his close friend.

 “I wish Lingo a speedy recovery. We grew up together like brothers. I spent more time with Lingo at the School for the Blind, than with my own family. We shared the same food together. So, I am really concerned by the news.”


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