Be the Life Shifter of Your Fate

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AS I write this article, I will like to get personal with you, my readers, for the very first time.

In life as we all know, we have our ups and downs. I truly believe that motivation is needed now more than ever before in the history of this world.

Therefore, we need to be encouraging to each other. You may wonder why am I saying that? As a motivational speaker, even I need encouragement at some point in time, so we all need to be that support base to fellow individuals.

Since I need motivation myself, this article is dedicated to all those who are going through hard times and difficulties. If you don’t see a way out of the darkness in this point, always remember that you can find hope and stronger determination within so to you, I say keep on climbing…

For all those who feel like giving up, you must stand up and keep the faith alike, stand up and counter these plights of our times, so you can move forward with hopeful insight. Your victory is right around the corner, yes right around!

So if you continue to move forward with hope, then substance will come into your life like a new day. The battle continues so keep on fighting, keep on my friends. Also, by knowing what you want, having that purpose can be an incentive to move forward progressively.

Yes, you are the doctor of your own life so you can do it mentally with stronger determination. So stand up and claim your space in your own world.

Your will power can get you through those dark days. You are responsible. Yes, you are responsible to pull yourself up during all the plights of darkness in your life. And from the dark, only you can bring yourself to the light, so to speak.

This advice applies to all of us cause we need to hear it, especially considering what is happening around the world at this time. If life was a boat, then the sea is rough, figuratively. But as we continue to live in this world, we can pull ourselves together and navigate the storm to see the sun on the horizon. See it in your mind’s eye and let the sun shine for you, my friends.

When it comes to your mind, you have that willpower to confirm your success, and this can also be a way out of the darkness in yourself. Being mindful is one of the best tricks of the trade, and all of us needs to demonstrate this urgently.

It will put us in a position of being aware. When you are aware, harmonisation comes and when that happens, you are in a better position to navigate any storm personally. To me, that is the wisest course of action, so please heed it urgently my dear friends.

In previous articles, I’ve said that happiness is what matters most. Let’s find that happiness in ourselves in plain view of our life.

On another note, remember that we are the builders of our own fate. As builders, we must always build a strong foundation. And by building a strong foundation of who we are, we can stand up to any storm that comes our way, my friends.

We need to strengthen ourselves so we can fight onwards and continue the feat for another day, because every sunrise is a brand new day on the horizon. Are you seeing it? Look up and claim your space in this world with hope and insight.

In conclusion, we all have our ups and downs but it’s how we deal with them that makes the difference. Deal with things wisely and in plain view of yourself with an awareness that you can do it, my dearest readers… Thank you for reasoning and tracking with me, always remember the power is in your hands.

You are that life shifter when it comes to your fate. So you need to navigate to the storm and make it out in one piece to see that brand new rising in your horizon.

Walk accordingly and wisely as you navigate your plights. Noting the significance of today, I am taking the opportunity to wish everyone Shubh Divali.

Another important message comes with this festival, the victory of good over evil, and light over darkness. You are your own light capable of overcoming dark situations! Do have a joyous and safe Divali 2023, my friends.

Treldon Layne is a motivational speaker


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