Legendary Nuts Man Jumbo Dies

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Caption: Popular nuts vendor Keith ‘Jumbo’ Martin is proud of his autographed Virat Kohli shirt. Kohli had scored a century on July 21, 2023 in the 100th Test match at the Queen’s Park Oval between West Indies and India. AZP News/Azlan Mohammed

By Prior Beharry

KEITH Martin, affectionately known as “Jumbo, the nuts man,” has died. He was 66.

He was a regular selling his “salt and fresh” peanuts at major sporting events for decades in Trinidad and Tobago.


Spectators, who purchased nuts, would stay in their seats and have Jumbo throw the nuts to them with astounding accuracy. They would then pass the money to other attendees or Jumbo had his helpers collect.

His presence at the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) T20 cricket tournament at the Queen’s Park Oval came into problems in 2019. Only after an outcry from cricket fans and local nuts vendors, including Jumbo, they were allowed to continue selling nuts at the Oval during CPL matches.

CXC Masters 3

Jumbo had been a fixture at the Oval since 1971 when India legendary batsman made his debut.

In 2019, he had posted, “This is Jumbo, the original nuts man. I have been selling nuts at the Oval since 1971 when (Sunil) Gavaskar made 200 runs, back–to-back, and beat the West Indies. I’ve been selling at CPL for the first four years. They’re telling me that Sunshine Snacks, who is not 40 years… they’re telling me I can’t sell nuts. Trinidad, you take that, and you want Jumbo nuts?”


In July 2023, during a special ceremony honouring Gavaskar at the Queen’s Park Cricket Club, Jumbo serenaded him with the famous “Gavaskar calypso” sung by Lord Relator. The exchange between the two brought smiles and fond memories to all who witnessed it.

During this tour last year, when West Indies and India played the 100th Test Match at the Oval, Jumbo was on had selling his nuts and showed off an autograph shirt from Viral Kohli.

When Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, now a co-owner of Trinbago Knight Riders, a CPL franchise, performed at the Queen’s Park Savannah in 1998, Jumbo presented him with a jacket onstage, even showing him how to put in on “in style.”



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