Law Clerk Killed in Bar Near his Home

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GASPARILLO – POLICE are yet to make inroads into the murder of law clerk Kristian Sirjusingh who was fatally shot while at a bar near his home on Monday night.

The 28-year-old was at Michelle’s Bar and Lounge celebrating his father, Ramesh, 66th birthday when gunmen entered and announced a robbery.

After robbing the patrons and taking the money in the bar’s daily sales, one gunman fired indiscriminately and fatally shot Sirjusingh while wounding his friend who was next to him, police said.

Sirjusingh worked at the law offices of Richard Sirjoo and Company.

On his Facebook Page, Sirjoo said, “Still in Shock. RIP Kristian.”

Other people commented to the post. Sarah ML said she was really sad while Lorna R said, “So heartbreaking…may his soul rest in eternal peace.

Anil R said, “Yes bro..poor guy went to celebrate his dad’s birthday..this country not easy yes..i does fee to just leave here..Crime hitting every household in happened to me in 2003..and thanks to the police..every single man got away…When these things happen, you can never get justice..but God don’t sleep.”



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