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YES! Life is hard, and it’s getting harder as we speak in the world today, especially as global warming is real.

But you have to keep moving forward progressively to make any improvement in your own world, as inner strength is needed amidst life’s ups and downs. Ups and downs, problems and complications, it seems like a problematic life is what we know as the norm. It’s as if we don’t know how to find our way out of the darkness. But I want to reassure you, the light will shine again, it always does. Light will shine throughout the darkness of depression and sadness as we speak. Remember that more problems we face, the stronger we become. By becoming stronger, our own resilience will come into place. That’s what we need in the world today.

Let us turn to keep moving in spite of ourselves. We are the only people in this world who can hold us back or down in this great lifetime of ours. Once we understand that notion, we can move forward. By us understanding this, our motivational levels will increase. A motivation for life is what we need now. We are seeing news by our government on the importance of being positive or fostering positivity in our mind/mentality. As we come to recognise a negative mindset, it will always give us more problems and complications. If we have to find peace, we have to change our own thoughts. If we don’t, we are doomed to fear as we are seeing now.

So our mind can lead us astray. Therefore, we have to maintain full focus and purpose as well. When you have a purpose in your life, you will have substance. And all of us have different purposes and substances to fill our cup of tea. That is no lie and no joke! The truth is being told.

What made my heart leap with joy was a conversation I had with a good artiste friend. Whereby he as an individual is demonstrating a positive stream of thought. As he recognised that, he is combating all the negativity that affects his life in general.

That is a demonstration of wisdom at its best, my friends and readers. Like my artiste friend, if we want a better country, we have to change all the negatives into positives in society. As we have seen, it is affecting our children. Yes, we all went down the wrong road collectively. So we will need to pick ourselves back up and get back on the road as we reshape our country’s mindset against the hate. If not, we will continue having this negativity in our society. My friends or readers, just like my artiste friend, all of us can change our actions into a relationship of positivity. Yes, a relationship.

What is a relationship of positivity? Like all relationships, it needs time to grow successfully. If time is also managed well, you will have a successful relationship. To have a successful relationship with yourself, this needs time for self. As all relationships need dedication, so to your dedication of love to you will be incredibly inspiring. As you inspire and aspire to be the best version of yourself, hope and substance are added. That’s what we want as a progressive country, love with yourself.

In spite of ourselves, let us concentrate our experiences to shape our lifestyle to a fellowship of love as our nation needs it now. This is practical wisdom at its best.

This is hope demonstrated with progress to come. This is love of self with dedication and duty. We are going down the wrong roads. Let us finally see the right road of positive stream of thoughts. I want to sincerely thank my friends and readers for their support again and again. As I always say, thank you for tracking and reasoning with me. As I always say, too, let us continually make progress in our life as the sun is sure to shine again, let us!

Treldon Layne is a motivational speaker.

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