Kamla: No Room for Extremism in UNC

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By Prior Beharry

UNITED National Congress (UNC) political leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar has issued a resolute response to internal criticism saying there was no room for extremism in her party.

This after UNC Member of Parliament Dinesh Rambally launched a verbal attack against Persad-Bissessar at a press conference on Friday.


Persad-Bissessar declared her unwavering commitment to representing all sections of society and denounced any attempts to manipulate her agenda for personal gain.

The issue was raised in the Lower House later that day as UNC MPs were protesting Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh’s non-reply to a question.

Leader of Government House Business Camille Robinson-Regis said, “It’s clear what the Member for Chaguanas West has issued is having all of them feeling very antsy and clearly they’ve forgotten the decorum of the Parliament … so you need to reread what Chaguanas West said …”


Robinson-Regis continued speaking but was drowned out by UNC MP Ravi Ratiram, who said she was being irrelevant. Deputy Speaker Esmond Forde overruled Ratiram’s objection.

Persad-Bissessar was not there but issued a statement on Friday afternoon after Rambally’s press conference.

She said, “The UNC will continue to be a party of tolerance and love for all religions, ethnicities and cultures under my leadership.

Dinesh Rambally

“Our great party is open to all people, from all walks of life and everyone’s belief’s, faiths, morals and values must be respected as all are equally important. 

“There is no room for intolerance and extremism of any type in the UNC and our country.

“As leader I represent all people equally and fairly, I cannot and will not be controlled by any individual or group to promote any singular agenda at the expense of other sections of society.”

Persad-Bissessar added, “I will promote the wellbeing of all our diverse beautiful people  with the same level of love and commitment as I have always shown in my life.

“I will continue to participate in every aspect of our multi cultural society without fear. This is my choice to so do and mine only. Similarly i respect the right of any individual who chooses to not participate in accordance with their own views. 

Oropouche East MP Dr Roodal Moonilal. Photo: T&T

“While there will always be differences in any society, I believe we must love and respect all our people equally. 

“As leader of the UNC I will show everyone tolerance, love empathy and compassion without fear or favour. That is my choice. That is how I have lived my life and always will.

“This nation is under siege by the criminal elements and citizens are in pain.

“The oppression by the government will be broken before they inflict further torturous taxation on the people. 

“The UNC is strong and all arms are functioning properly. 

“The UNC got 43000 more votes than the government in LGE fighting 31 less seats. Our anti crime talks attracted thousands. We have had over 250 public meetings and pressers. 

“Precautions were taken with the sharing of information internally after 3 UNC MPs voted against the UNC nominee Israel Khan in the vote for the election of the president. 


“Those precautions were made to protect the party so some members and MPs will not be aware of all the activities occurring within the organization.

“These public rants by a few only help this oppressive government. 

“The United National Congress- is a party of the people and will be a Government of the people that will ensure a better and happier quality of life for all.”

Princes Town MP Barry Padarath. Photo: T&T Parliament

And in a release on Friday Oropouche East MP Dr Roodal Moonilal characterised the dissenting MPs as agents of the PNM, intent on disrupting the UNC’s momentum.

Princes Town MP Barry Padarath accused the dissidents of prioritising personal agendas over party unity while UNC Seantor Jeralean John criticised their betrayal of the party’s principles, urging them to reconsider their actions.


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