Jackson: I had Affair with Duke

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

FORMER Deputy Political Leader of Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) Kezel Jackson has admitted to having an affair with the party’s political leader Watson Duke who is married.

She resigned from the party on Wednesday saying that Duke “is not stable enough to have my genuine support as a DPL.”

In a video posted on Thursday morning on Facebook, Jackson sought to answer all the questions about her resignation on Wednesday.

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She said she was owning her mess.

Disclosing that she was twice married with her husband being unfaithful, Jackson said “Karma was a b***h.”

She also revealed that she was sexually abused as a child by more than one person which transcended into her adult life.

Jackson also emphasised, “I am not looking for sympathy, empathy, I am not looking for nobody to even stand by me. I can fully stand alone and accept the liability for my own wrong.”

She said she was not bothered by Duke’s words but that he has to live with his own truth the same way she has to live with hers.

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Jackson said she was not going to give her side of the story but said, “I totally accept that I am wrong. First of all, what the hell am I doing with somebody husband? So on all accounts, I am wrong.”

She also admitted that she did hit him and she was also wrong for that.

The former deputy political leader used the 17-minute plus video to send a positive message that not everyone was perfect and people fall, but when they do, they should get back up.

While many will point to the stain, she encouraged loving them in spite of their faults and that she does not hate Duke but will pray for him.

Jackson said she was grateful for all who supported and she will continue to help others and do her humanitarian work as she has been doing before she became a politician.

In her resignation statement on Wednesday, Jackson said, “His (Duke) behaviour is one that speaks first and thinks after, too impulsive and grossly disrespectful. He has made every effort to tarnish my name and public credibility. I will no longer accept or continue to lie to the public and myself.”

She also said, “I am not without fault and I will accept some responsibility since my behaviour on a personal level with Mr Duke was inappropriate and morally wrong.”  

In a subsequent video, Jackson told Duke that he needed to go to Hollywood because he was a very good actor.

She said, “I love you dearly, I will continue to pray for you. Be blessed.”

In the days leading up to her resignation, Jackson posted short videos on Facebook with snippets of advice. The last one posted just before her resignation announcement, she said her grandmother had a saying, “ Don’t allow your heart or rather your mouth to speak what your heart does not feel. And don’t believe everything you see because even salt looks like sugar.”

Duke, also in a social media video revealed that he had filed a police report over Jackson’s behaviour detailing what he considered inappropriate conduct during her tenure. He said he had also applied for a restraining order against her.

He posted the station receipt on Facebook which showed the report was made at 12.30 pm on February 9, 2023 at the San Juan Police Station.

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Admitting that he had a relationship with Jackson, Duke said, “I have no hate towards her.”

Jackson’s resignation comes after 16 of the party’s members of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) including Chief Secretary Farley Augustine, announced their resignation last December. 

Other members have also resigned from the party in recent months.


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