Commentary: Jack and UNC Judases

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Alicia Chamely
By Alicia Chamely

CAN someone check in on the opposition? They aren’t okay.

By all appearances it can be deduced that they have become untethered from reality and are drifting out into space, completely unaware of the black hole of destruction they are being sucked into.I am not even sure where to start, but like many people who have been following the circus of stupidity that has been masked as Local Government Election (LGE) campaigning, I have found myself entirely dumbfounded by the actions of the United National Congress (UNC).

At a recent political meeting, Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar brandished a black folder with the words “PNM Propaganda” in white on the front. She loves some pageantry. One of the pieces of propaganda she touched on was the recruitment of “Judas, after Judas, after Judas” alluding to the former members of her party who defected across to the House of Balisier.

Is anyone going to tell her? This move was full on ballsy considering she just open armed, welcomed back her own little pack of Judases.

First was Gary Griffith, who under her government served as minister of national security until he was booted after allegations of witness tampering along with the then attorney general Anand Ramlogan.

Griffith went on to make it his mission to soil the integrity of the People’s Partnership Government. He got chummy with the PNM, he threw shade, he made accusations, he even formed his own political party the National Transformation Alliance.  All efforts, one could say, to spite the UNC.

The UNC went on to discredit Griffith every which way… but alas, time and the desire to regain power heals all wounds some may say.

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Then we have Jack Austin Warner… the man, the legend, the man wanted in the US on corruption charges.

Warner was widely loved by the masses when he served as minister of works and transport under the People’s Partnership. He was Persad-Bissessar’s golden ticket… I mean golden boy. Lord knows how many people voted for the PP based on Uncle Jack alone!

But as loved as Uncle Jack was, he could not hide from his involvement in the international FIFA corruption scandal. At the time Persad-Bissessar was trying make it appear as though she had no tolerance for corruption and with international pressure mounting, Jack had to go. And uncle Jack… well he went on the attack.

Warner would spend years fighting the UNC. His e Sunshine Newspaper would regularly publish articles accusing the UNC of corruption and public misconduct. He held no water in his mouth when criticising Persad-Bissessar and her team. Dude was vexed, he was so vexed, like Griffith he formed his own party, the Independent Liberal Party (ILP).

The bad blood between Warner and UNC was thick. It seems; however, forgiveness was in both of their hearts… that or maybe Warner needed a distraction from being wanted by the FBI and all those pesky extradition issues.

So now Uncle Jack is back! No doubt forgiven for his betrayal and no doubt being revered as a tool to influence votes.

Unfortunately, I am not sure she is aware that a large group of voters aren’t buying it anymore. People are tired of the system of not voting a party in, but rather voting a party out and crossing their fingers the new government does better.

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They are craving better and simply will not vote if they don’t think you are it… not even the unexplainable lovability of Jack Warner can help you there.

The opposition is in trouble. Their recent decisions seem like acts of desperation rather than well thought out actions to bring change and good governance. Unless they can recognise their shortfalls and move away from this antiquated system of tribalism and cult of personality, they are doomed to remain the opposition or face what could be a catastrophic implosion.

5 thoughts on “Commentary: Jack and UNC Judases

  1. A sad day indeed, when the leadership of the opposition is an alliance of nemeses with cocoa in the sun. When we should by example, carve out a succession plan for all youth, preserve the environment, protect our seniors, stimulate the economy, stamp out corruption demanding good governance and accountability. We the citizens must demand NOT picong and rhetoric but rather the Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and Income Summary Statements where annually we know our individual worth, all Government bank accounts local and foreign, and net profit i.e. the bottom line.
    For too long the politicians have been treating the citizens like Cowboy X with their mud slinging and now influencers, tapes that reeks of conspiracy, profanity, etc.
    Integrity has flown out the window.
    Happy Emancipation

  2. GARY GRIFFITH has lost all my RESPECT and CREDIBILITY if this is the COMPANY that HE KEEPS 🥲🥲🥲🥲.
    As usual Alicia you are 💯 spot on maybe one day soon it will make a difference 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  3. In the UK the Gov’t is presently in office of Coaliation arrangement The issue with NTA and Jack Warner joining the UNC is how shared ideology with all three
    Will be accepted after the Elections.
    The Election of 2010 was not thought out properly.
    The MSJ left in the early’. The UNC dominated the PP Govt with 99% of all the Positions. The COP under the Leadership of Winston Dookeran stuck it out like he did with the NAR of 1986 preventing Panday and the UNC in getting control but won the opposition over the NAR in 1991 election.
    Are we ready for such arrangement the people have to think first world status or learn from our mistakes of 2010.

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