Immigration Officer Charged for False Passport

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AN Immigration Officer is expected to appear before a San Fernando Master’s Court on Monday after she was charged with misbehaviour in public office.

Lisa Jairam was charged with the offence on Friday following the advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions Roger Gaspard, SC.

According to police reports, while conducting enquiries into a report of forged documents, Fraud Squad officers seized a Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela passport allegedly issued to a foreign national. This passport bore Immigration Division, Ministry of National Security permanent resident status stamp endorsements.

However, upon thorough examination, it was discovered that the permanent residency status had not been legitimately granted by the Minister of National Security.

The Immigration endorsements were deemed unauthorised, and an Immigration Officer was arrested.

Snr Supt Arlet Groome and Insp Tricia Smith supervised the investigation, while Sgt Lochan conducted enquiries with the assistance of W/Cpl Edwards, PC Kernahan, and PC Thomas of the Fraud Squad.

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