Human Trafficking by UNC MPs – Rowley

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By Prior Beharry

ALLEGATIONS of human trafficking in Trinidad and Tobago concern United National Congress (UNC) MPs.

This according to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley in the House of Representatives on Friday during Prime Minister Questions. He appeared virtually having tested positive for Covid-19 on Thursday.

Naparima MP Rodney Charles cited the United States Trafficking in Persons Report which stated that certain government officials were allegedly involved in human trafficking matters in 2020 and asked what the Government was doing about it.

Charles said that the July 2022 Trafficking in Persons Report stated that T&T remained on the Tier 2 Watchlist in part because it did not take action against senior officials allegedly involved in human trafficking in 2020.

Dr Rowley said, “We did hear that allegation and when we investigated it we discovered it was referring to current members of Parliament, none of which is on the government’s side.

“So my colleague might be able to help me in finding out who they were talking about… to help us identify who exactly those assertions were aimed at.”

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He said the allegations were for the police action.

The prime minister said, “If the member is so excited to go after his colleague let him do so alone, he cannot invite the government into that, the government does not determine who the police go after… not the least of which human trafficking and the running of brothels.”

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Dr Rowley said the government was actively working with the US on improving its ratings on the US Trafficking in Persons Report.

He said, “In fact, the US is helping in the hiring of specific consultants to assist. One of the biggest issues currently is the lack of convictions which is not under the government’s control.

“The government continues to provide resources to the judiciary, the DPP and the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service to assist in this regard.”

Dr Rowley said, “This issue started with respect to issues of lack of legislation, we did in fact put legislation in place, then it was queried about charges and it was shown that persons have been charged and now it has shifted to an absence of convictions… that is not in the government’s remit.

“But we have come a long way and we are working towards closing the loop.”



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