China: HK Protests Trample Rule of Law

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Hong Kong’s authorities deplored on Tuesday the vandalism at the Parliament by rioters, as continuation of protests from several weeks ago. Presna Latina

China has condemned the protesters who vandalized Hong Kong’s Parliament on Monday. The group of protesters had occupied the Legislative Council (LegCo) building for hours after breaking away from a peaceful protest.

China has accused the protesters of “serious illegal actions” and said that they have “trample(d) on the rule of law.
Hundreds of police have used tear gas to disperse demonstrators. The Chinese government called on the city to investigate the “criminal responsibility of violent offenders.”

Hong Kong, a former British colony, is part of China. It is run under a policy called “one country, two systems” that guarantees it a level of autonomy. Hong Kong citizens enjoy rights not seen in mainland China.

There have been massive protests over the past weeks against a controversial extradition bill, which critics have said could be used to extradite political dissidents to the mainland.