High Water Pushes Scarlet Ibis Out of Caroni Swamp

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AZP News Assignments Editor Sue-Ann Wayow interviews tour operator Alister Nanan


By Sue-Ann Wayow

HIGH water levels in the Caroni Swamp have forced the National Brid the Scarlet Ibis out with some of them being spotted near the Urian Butler Highway.

This according to tour operator Alister Nanan who was coming to grips with the flooding along the Caroni Swamp on Tuesday.


Heavy rainfall due to a low-level trough has caused nationwide flooding with landslips also being reported.

On Tuesday, AZP News visited the Caroni area and Nanan said that due to the high water levels within the swamp, birds were coming out looking for their food sources such as crabs and other crustaceans usually found in the flat mud areas.

Nanan’s makeshift jetty. AZP News/Sue-Ann Wayow


But, he said, there were no such places for them to feed due to the water levels.

Nanan said since there was a cruise ship docked in Port 0f Spain, he had to make a makeshift jetty near the entrance of the road to get access to the swamp via his boats.

Flood waters cover the entrance to the Caroni Swamp. AZP News/Sue-ann Wayow

The Bamboo area is one of the worst hit by the floods and volunteers were braving the conditions to render assistance to residents some of whom are marooned in their houses with up to five feet of water.


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