High Commissions Host Commonwealth Sports Day

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PORT OF SPAIN – The British High Commission in Port of Spain in collaboration with other Commonwealth diplomatic missions including Australia, Canada, India, Jamaica, Nigeria and Trinidad and Tobago, is set to host Commonwealth Sports Day on Saturday.

The event is part of the festivities surrounding Commonwealth Day, to be observed globally on Monday, March 11, marking the beginning of events and activities in Commonwealth nations.

This year’s Commonwealth Day theme, “One Resilient Common Future: Transforming our Common Wealth,” underscores the importance of the 56 member countries harnessing their strengths to build resilience, unlock potential, leverage the “Commonwealth Advantage” and foster a connected, digital Commonwealth. The celebration also coincides with the 75th anniversary of the modern Commonwealth.


The Commonwealth Sports Day, scheduled for Saturday, promises to be an exciting morning of fun and camaraderie, bringing together diplomatic missions, government officials, and non-governmental organisations for friendly sporting competitions.

Seven Commonwealth Mission teams, inclusive of representatives from youth and women organisations, media, and the broader community, will participate in a variety of childhood games such as cricket, football, three-legged race, lemon-and-spoon, and sack races. The aim is to showcase the shared heritage and commonality among Commonwealth nations while promoting a resilient and united future.

Australian High Commissioner Sonya Koppe expressed Australia’s strong historical ties to the Commonwealth noting the shared values of democracy, human rights, good governance, the rule of law, gender equality, and sustainable economic and social development.


The Commonwealth, with its diverse membership, plays a vital role in developing solutions to global challenges and fostering a deep love for sports, making the celebration of the Commonwealth Sports Day particularly apt.

British High Commissioner Harriet Cross, said the ongoing significance of the Commonwealth was a vital platform for cooperation on various issues, including education, trade, environmental protection, and people-to-people connections through sports. She said members also share a deep love of sport – especially the uniquely Commonwealth games of cricket and netball – so it’s apt to celebrate with a Sports Day.


High Commissioners of Canada India, Jamaica and Nigeria also expressed their support for the Commonwealth and its role in addressing global challenges while fostering unity and collaboration among member nations.

The Commonwealth Sports Day is not only a celebration of sportsmanship but also a demonstration of the shared commitment to a resilient and interconnected future.



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