Heritage Gets Interim CEO

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Arlene Chow


ARLENE Chow has been named the interim chief executive officer (CEO) of Heritage Petroleum Company Limited.

This is pending the recruitment of a permanent CEO to replace Mike Wylie who leaves on medical grounds.

Chow took up her new position on Monday.

In a statement, Heritage said Chow began her career almost 40 years ago as an Operations Geologist at Trintoc and worked her way up the ranks, becoming a Development Geologist, then a Technical Specialist (Mapping), and lastly a Technical Specialist (Well Information Systems).

She joined AMOCO in 1998 as a Database Administrator and was soon promoted to Head of Exploration and Production Information Systems.

In 2001, she was appointed Subsurface Team lead for BP’s Teak, Samaan and Poui fields and was promoted to Asset/Delivery Manager of the fields in 2003. In 2005, she assumed the position of Vice President Corporate Operations for BP in Trinidad and Tobago, the company stated.

Chow has several leadership roles locally and internationally in the oil and gas sector. Most recently she was Chief Operating Officer at Atlantic LNG – a position to which she had been seconded from BP in January 2013 and held until her retirement in December 2018.

She was Chief of Staff in the Executive Office of the Production Division at BP’s Head Office in London, where she supported the Executive Vice President in overseeing global standards, policies and processes; safety and operational risk; and performance management of the Group’s production function.

She has previously held positions at BP Alaska – North Slope Infrastructure Manager, Project Manager Reorganization, and Area Operations Manager.


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