Griffith: Crime Symposium only ‘Ole Talk’

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

THE two days of discussions among CARICOM leaders about the fight against crime was nothing but “ole talk” according to former Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith.

Griffith, in a statement on Tuesday evening said Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s strategies continue to be ineffective especially as it related to his discussion on weapons.

The Regional Symposium: Violence as a Public Health Issue – The Crime Challenge ended on Tuesday after a two-day period at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Port of Spain.

Speaking on Tuesday, Dr Rowley said that over the years, assault weapons have slowly been licenced to the civilian population and that legislation would be put forward to prevent such weapons being put into civilians’ hands.

However, to Dr Rowley Griffith said, “No assault weapon has ever been issued by any T&T Commissioner of Police to civilians and the only persons in possession of these weapons are members of law enforcement, similar to those in your security detail and the criminal elements.

“Additionally, the other major anti-crime plan is to voice your concern about US gun manufacturers producing these weapons, even though we import these same weapons for our Defence Force and special arms of the Police Service, inclusive of those who personally guard the PM and his Ministers. And these weapons illegally enter due to your administration’s incompetence and failure to secure our borders.”

Once again, Griffith, now the political leader of the National Transformation Alliance (NTA) said almost 100% of murders committed by firearms in this country were by illegal firearms, yet again the Prime Minister was doubling down on law-abiding citizens being issued legal firearms. 

He said, “Over 8000 citizens have been murdered in the past two decades and the number of murders committed by law-abiding citizens with assault weapons is zero, because none has ever been issued to them.”

Dr Rowley also said that Caricom leaders would be writing to the US government  for their assistance and intervention on preventing the trafficking of illegal guns into the Caribbean region.

Dr Rowley said, “The islands in the Caribbean cannot sustain the death rate and the economic destruction that this wanton use of arms and ammunition is raking on us.” 


One thought on “Griffith: Crime Symposium only ‘Ole Talk’

  1. I agree with Mr Griffith the Commissioner must cone up with the crime plan no symposium is going to help us if action plan is not implemented
    Mr Griffith crime detection rate was up, in his short stint as Commissioner. We swas not what you called a talk person but in action was seen many times with his forces in the field.

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