Gasparillo Secondary School Not Collapsing…

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

THE Gasparillo Secondary School is not collapsing as perceived by some says Education Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly.

She admitted, however, that it was in need of extensive repair given that it was 39-years-old.

Dr Gadsby-Dolly was answering a question in Parliament asked by Member of Parliament for Tabaquite Anita Haynes in whose constituency the school is located.

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Haynes on Thursday posted several photos of the school’s demise on her social media account and met with parents on Friday to discuss issues concerning the school.

On Friday in Parliament, Dr Gadsby-Dolly gave details of the school’s repairs. 

She said the infrastructure at the school that houses 742 pupils has shown no sign of being “structurally compromised” and was not collapsing with classes actively ongoing at the school.

Regarding repair, the minister said some items were deemed critical while others were scheduled to be completed over the course of the academic year.

Work on some of the items which were deemed critical began during the July/August 2023 vacation period, she said.

Those completed works included roof and ceiling replacements in Block B and covered walkways.

Currently air-condition units were being replaced and or serviced.

Dr Gadsby-Dolly said Ministry of Education officials visited the school on Thursday and agreed on the following works: electrical works to Block B and the admin block, burglar proofing repairs to Blocks B and E, other repairs to Block B including railings, stairwells, windows, partitions, box drains, masonry repair and repainting.

“As for all other schools the Ministry of Education continues to work with the NMTS (National Maintenance Training and Security Company) on continuous school repair in an effort to ensure that the interruptions to school operations is kept at a minimal,” she said.

The minister could not give a date for completion of all works when asked by Haynes.

Speaking to the media about other schools before Parlaiment began, Dr Gadsby-Dolly said the Marabella Anglican Primary School was  not opened as it still has outstanding electrical work.

“The school is simply not ready for opening  and it not being opened as it is not ready,” she said.

The ministry continued to liaise with MTS for updates on the school’s repairs, Dr Gadsby-Dolly said.

When asked about malfunctioning air-condition units at St. George’s College, she replied that school infrastructural work was ongoing in the 800 plus schools nationwide.

“At any point there could be something going wrong with a school that needs repair. It is nothing strange. We have multiple things going on, sewer issues, electrical issues we have water issues so we on a routine basis reach out to WASA, T&TEC to MTS to make sure that we keep schools up and running so that’s not unusual,” Dr Gadsby-Dolly said.


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