Gasparillo Businessman Helps SEA Students

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By Prior Beharry

AN initiative by a Gasparillo businessman is providing remedial help for Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) students.

Anil Ramjit, the owner of R&R Budget Drugs Pharmacy and Supermarket, said he and his wife Roann began the programme about ten years ago but had to stop it due to the lack of facilities.

This time, the Gaparillo Covenant City Church offered space every Saturday from 12 noon to 2 pm.

Ramjit had gone to primary schools in Gasparillo, Harmony Hall, Bonne Adventure and Caratal asking principals to recommend pupils who are way behind in SEA classes.

He said based on Ministry of Education guidelines, assessments were done on the 20 students and while they were in Standard Five, some were at Standard One and Standard Three levels.

Ramjit said one student was even found to be at infant level.

The classes are split into groups and Ramjit said there were three teachers and engineers volunteering on Saturdays. It is called a kids club.

He said the teachers would outline the work to be done and the others would help.

Helping a student

Ramjit said he intends to register a non-governmental organisation called Improving Our People and Communities Together Across Trinidad and Tobago (IMPACTT) to further promoted the work that was being done.

He said the Rotary Club of Gasparillo and Whiteland Police Youth Club have also been engaged since some of the pupils have problems with discipline.

Ramjit said counselling is also provided since in one instance a child was writing suicidal notes.

He said while the children do come from single-parent and broken homes many were poor.

Ramjit said there was a lack of devices and many of these children were left behind during the Covid-19 pandemic when online classes were the norm as schools were closed.


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