Gamma Variant Now in Tobago

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

TOBAGO has recorded its first confirmed case of the Gamma variant, (also known as the Brazilian or P1 variant).

This means that now more than ever, Tobagonians have to be more vigilant as the variant spreads more rapidly.


In a press release on Tuesday evening, the Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development stated that the Division and the Tobago Regional Health Authority (TRHA) were ramping-up testing for variants of concern and will continue to provide updates if any variants are detected in Tobago.

Additionally, systems were being prepared to deal with the Delta variant, which is now the dominant strain globally, the Division stated.

Acting County Medical Officer Dr Tiffany Hoyte said: “The Gamma variant circulating in our community is contributing to the rise in cases. The presence of this variant means that the fight to save lives and to reduce the spread of the virus will become more difficult.  Since it is more contagious than the original virus, we expect more cases, and with more cases comes more deaths. Our aim is to save lives and prevent persons from being hospitalised.”

She added, “The key to achieving this is to get most of our population vaccinated. Getting vaccinated reduces your personal risk of infection and protects against getting severe illnesses and death. Having most of our population vaccinated will decrease the rate at which the virus spreads. When combined with masks, social distancing and hand washing, it is the best protection we have and it works.”


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  1. How does the vaccine provides one from infection, when it does not provide immunity?
    If one cattle cannot be provided with immunity against the virus, how can you achieve immunity for the entire herd of cattles?

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