Fraud Charges: Teacher, Her Police Husband

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A TEACHER and her husband, who is a police officer, have been charged with fraud.

Kavita David, 34, and Johnathan David, 42, who is currently on leave, were charged with several offences arising out of an investigation conducted by officers of the Fraud Squad.

The couple from Cunupia was granted bail in the sum of $140,000 to cover five charges by Justice of the Peace Abraham Ali last Thursday after being charged with the offences by Cpl (Ag) Nowbutt of the Fraud Squad the same day.

Kavita David was charged with two counts of Forgery and two counts of Uttering a Forged Document.

Jonathan David, was charged with one count of contravening the terms of his Firearm Users License (FUL) by having in his possession five rounds of ammunition in excess of what he is authorised to keep at any one time, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) reported on Monday.

Kavita David was granted bail with surety in the sum of $100,000 to cover all the charges while her huband was granted bail with surety in the sum of $40,000. The couple is to appear before a Port of Spain Magistrate on July 28.

Reports are that a woman allegedly submitted documents bearing forged signatures as part of evidence in her defence in a High Court of Trinidad and Tobago matter. 

Officers of the Fraud Squad Port of Spain office conducted investigations into the matter, which resulted in a female suspect being arrested at her Tunapuna workplace on July 5.

The party of officers then proceeded to the suspect’s home on that same date, where they met with her husband who was also arrested in connection with the investigation. 

Several documents were also found and seized at the house by investigators.

Checks revealed that the male suspect who is a holder of a FUL was found to be in possession of more rounds of ammunition than he was authorised to keep at any time and was not granted any variation to his license. 


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