‘Focus on Issues’ – Alexander

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By Prior Beharry
POLITICAL leader of the People’s National Movement (PNM) and leader of the National Transformation Alliance (NTA) Gary Griffith have hijacked the Local Government Elections (LGE) to continue their public feud.
This is the view of political leader of the Progressive Empowerment Party (PEP) Phillip Edward Alexader in a release on Friday.
His comments come after a political meeting of the PNM on Thursday where Dr Rowley spent most of his time slamming Griffith who was a former police commissioner.
Alexander said, “There are many much more important issues that strike to the heart of the failure of local government to deliver goods and services to the population, and it is these that should be emblazoned across the pages and screens of media and not more of this he say he say. “
He said flooding was a case in point as this pointed to the failure of local government to maintain the drainage infrastructure.
Alexander said, “The public dissatisfaction with local representation is the issue we should be focused on and voting on, and the media is doing us all a disservice by pretending that this fallout is of urgent or national concern.”
He said, “Right now Florida is under a state-wide malaria watch. In Trinidad Zika children requiring funding reminds us of more failure to serve the people. Where is the mosquito wardens and spray schedule to protect us during this wet season?
“All of this is more important than the Rowley Griffith soap opera and I encourage the media for the next forty-odd days to help raised those important matters to remind voters what we should be focused on right now.”


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