‘Fix Licensing Office Faults before Penalising Motorists’

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By  Sue-Ann Wayow

BEFORE any further penalties are issued for motorists having challenges with their vehicle inspection, the Licensing Division needs to fix its own issues and problems.

This is according to Opposition Member of Parliament Dr Roodal Moonilal who called for a halting of  the issuance of any inspection penalty.


Speaking at the Opposition’s press conference on Sunday, Dr Moonilal said the Licensing Division was to be blamed for persons having wrong information upon their documents and any other problem, its customers were facing.

He said, “Imagine through no fault of your own you get a $5,000 ticket and points off your license because the Licensing Office system is faulty, inaccurate and improper. Today we call on the Transport Commissioner, the Minister of Transport Rohan Sinanan, please put things in place to ensure that a motorist due to no fault of their own cannot get their inspection on time are not charged, ought not to face a penalty by licensing officers.”


Dr Moonilal said, “The spelling of people’s name the registration number, the chassis number, the engine number and so on. Imagine today you cannot get your inspection sticker because your name Vidya and they put Vindra.”

The MP declared, “They must put a moratorium now on the penalty because the Licensing office has to clean up its act.”

Over the weekend, the Ministry of Works and Transport acknowledged the challenges stating that persons rushing to conduct last-minute transactions was adding to the problem and backlog.

They have implemented several new measures including having vehicle transfers at two stadiums – Ato Boldon and Larry Gomes – from February 13 to March 14.

Dr Moonilal said that was not a good decision since such transactions were conducted using mainly cash and would put persons at robbery risks.


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