Ministry Concern: Expired Drugs in Pharmacies

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EXPIRED drugs still being sold in pharmacies across Trinidad and Tobago remain a concern for the Ministry of Health.

During the period, 2019 to 2022, in accordance with the Food and Drugs Act, Chapter 30:01, Sections 21 and 22, the Chemistry, Food and Drugs Division under the Ministry of Health conducted 272 inspections.

The ministry in a media release on Tuesday reminded pharmacists that inspectors can examine and seize any drugs found to be in violation of the Food and Drugs Act, Chap 30:01 as has happened in past inspections.

These inspections ensure that unregistered, expired and or illegal drugs are not sold to the general public. 

Inspectors can also advise and issue warnings based on findings and breaches at pharmacies as they have been advised on previous occasions.

The release stated, “Pharmacists are reminded to refrain from selling/distributing unregistered drugs as these drugs have not been evaluated to determine the safety and compliance with the Food and Drugs Act and can inadvertently cause harm to the public.

“Further, the Ministry notes that expired drugs being offered for sale continues to be a major concern. Pharmacists are reminded that changes in chemical composition can occur in expired drugs which may pose a serious threat to health of the public.”

The ministry stated that it will continue to monitor all pharmacies inclusive of chain pharmacies to ensure the public’s safety.


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