Despite Breaches, CXC Exams Going On

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Despite breaches with some papers, the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) regional examinations will take place as scheduled.

This, following consultations with ministries of education from across the region on Thursday.

CXC in a press release stated that to date, there has been no confirmation that the secured fire-proof cabinet containing examination papers, which was stolen from a school in Jamaica has been compromised. 

“CXC reassures candidates that their best interests continue to be at the centre of the organisation’s decisions and processes and wishes all candidates well in their examinations,” the release stated.

Police continue their investigations in Jamaica and CXC and Ministry officials from across the region will continue to monitor the security of the regional examinations, CXC said.

The Ministry of Education in Trinidad and Tobago in an earlier press release indicated to the public that it was in discussions with CXC and pupils  and parents were advised that at that time, there are no changes to the CXC examination schedule.


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