Electricity Outages in Central, South

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EXPECT power outages on Monday, August 22, 2022.

The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) on Sunday advised customers that construction of a critical bypass transmission line in Rousillac will be completed today and may require an emergency outage to install the last poles and lines.


The bypass line will allow T&TEC to remove a compromised 220 kV (220,000 volts) transmission tower which was damaged as a result of a landslide last Tuesday causing 30% of the population to be without electricity for hours.


If required, approximately 15,000 customers in south and central Trinidad may experience an outage between one to two hours, from 2 pm today, T&TEC stated.

The following areas (and environs) have been identified:

• Barrackpore

• Bejucal Rd, Charlieville

• Calcutta, Couva

• Carlsen Field

• Cashew Gardens, Longdenville

• Chaguanas main road

• Dow Village

• Gasparillo/ Whiteland

• Guaracara /Tabaquite

• Lady Hailes, San Fernando

• La Plaisance Rd/ La Romain

• Preysal

• Rio Claro

• Siparia

• St Mary’s village

• Wood Land


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