Dr Parkinson: Visit Doctor for Swollen Testicles

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

MEN, if your testicles increase in size, please get them checked.

This was the advice from acting Director of Health North West Regional Health Authority (NWRHA) Dr Anthony Parkinson on Wednesday.

He was speaking at the Ministry of Health’s virtual media conference and made reference to the popular tweet made by rap superstar Nicki Minaj that someone in Trinidad got swollen testicles as a side effect of a Covid-19 vaccine.

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He, however said he hoped whatever the cause, that the individual would have sought treatment.

Dr Parkinson said, “Enlarged testicles is a problem. We call it orchitis (inflammation of the testicles) in medicine. It could be caused by viruses and bacteria infection.

“We have not found  anywhere in the world that the vaccine could cause it. If your testicles do increase in size get it checked quickly something you may be able to save it of you get the right medication. Sometimes that testicle area, that whole sack could swell for many other reasons.”

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He said hernias or cancers could also be a reason.

“Whatever it is, you got to have it treated,” he said.


Negative effect on a man’s ability to have sex 

Dr Parkinson also said studies have shown that the coronavirus has a negative effect on a man’s sex potential by attacking the blood vessels to the penis.

He said, “It attacks the blood flow to the penis and you are going to have a hard time having an upright position.”

Dr Parkinson also said it could suggest a heart issue as those blood vessels were connected to the heart. While psychological problems and being generally well also contributed, he again advised men to get their penises checked if experiencing that problem.

He spoke about a study done in Italy called “Mask up to keep it up.”


According to the study, men were six-to-eight times more likely to have an erectile dysfunction if they get Covid.

Erectile dysfunction was one of the symptoms of long Covid, Dr Parkinson said.

The doctor encouraged vaccinations especially in those who more vulnerable illnesses as well as the maintenance of good health to fight Covid-19.



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