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 Discuss Opening of Schools Not Carnival 2022

File photo: Pupils of the ASJA College in Charlieville Chaguanas

Discuss Opening of Schools Not Carnival 2022

‘Trust me after dealing with those two, watch and see how quick we hear “as of midnight tonight, all schools will be reopened.”‘
By Alicia Chamely

SOMETHING has shifted in the universe and I don’t like it.

We have entered a new realm of insanity where holding Carnival 2022 is being discussed but not opening schools.

We have reached new heights of nonsense where our Minister of National Security warns of increasing crime instead of announcing a plan to prevent it.

Lord, lay a hand on this place.

Like most reasonable thinking people I was a bit taken aback by news that Carnival 2022 was being discussed. Whether it’s held at the start of the year or in August, it’s absolutely mind boggling that that thought is even being put into our minds before the reopening of schools.

Yes I know Carnival is an important contributor to our economy. But let me ask you this, is a few million dollars worth a generation of educationally stunted citizens?

Is the need for us to party more important than our children’s need for education?

Do those in power really think remote education is working? If they do, then we really are screwed on all kinds of levels.

Perhaps the fact that we have a record number of dropouts, poor participation in online classes, increased reports of child abuse and lower exam grades haven’t triggered any sort of concern in them.

Well, I am more than willing to help them understand the struggle of online learning for both parents and students.


On Monday I will be dropping my dramatic seven-year-old in the office of Education Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly. My zero-concentration, jumping-all-over-the place five-year-old will be dropped into the office and onto the lap of Prime Minister Rowley. Nothing like a little firsthand experience. Trust me after dealing with those two, watch and see how quick we hear “as of midnight tonight, all schools will be reopened.”

Our Minister of National Security Fitzgerald Hinds, who has been jealous of all the attention the minister of health has been getting, came out of the woodwork this week to let us all know we should be prepared for some extra crime now that the curfew has been lifted.

Hudson, Awninings

Answering a question during an interview on radio I95.5 FM, he said, “As human beings go, all human beings having been restricted for so long, though for good reason are waiting to exhale, that, of course, includes those who are criminally minded so we are in anticipation of that. We have been assured by the law enforcement platform in this country that in anticipation of that, action has been and is being taken in order to adequately prepare for such an eventuality.”

Partner you for real?

So what you trying to tell me is all these criminals were just hunkering down, waiting too for the curfew to lift so they can just go out and plunder the nation?

Maybe those who are “criminally minded” wouldn’t be so inclined to let their compulsions overcome them if we had the tools to properly identify them, leading to their capture and punishment? Tools such as proper forensics which include DNA profiling, ballistics and all that other CSI business that puts bad guys away.

Ohh, wait, forensics you say? Well, Minister Hinds was on a bad news roll, announcing that there were over 16,000 samples waiting to be processed at the Forensic Science Centre.

You know, I just can’t.

This is not a new problem, yet for years and years, government to government, no one has sought to remedy this.

It’s no surprise we have a crime problem. Hell if I was criminally inclined T&T would be a paradise. I could commit all the murders and robbery my rotten heart desires and never get caught.

As a friend of mine once said, “They know what to do to fix the problem, but they simply do not want to do it.”

Back into the cupboard you go Mr Hinds, at least until you have something constructive to say.

Anyway, while we continue to tumble into this black hole of absurdity that we as Trinbagonians have come to see as normal, I will be tightening my straight jacket straps because I am sure to lose it.

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