Commentary: I’m No Fan of Ian Alleyne

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I should first state that I have never been a fan of Ian Alleyne. He’s meddlesome, and has managed to fool people some of the time.

His constant desperate attention seeking antics, that often involve highly unethical behavior, I refuse to entertain…it messes with my inner calm. Generally, I ignore him and his well-powdered looking Friday 13th face. He has long stayed out of my cloud of influence, preserving my somewhat docile emotional environment.

That is until Tuesday night when Trinidad and Tobago’s number 1 drama queen, flooded social media revealing he had tested positive for Covid-19. Now regularly I would have been like “meh poor sucker, hope he doesn’t die,” but what sent me through the roof was that he openly admitted to not going into self-quarantine after returning home from Florida.

Noooooooo, Ian Alleyne, was too busy choosing multi-coloured socks, to do what every health official on God’s green earth has been telling everyone to do, which is keep your tail inside and away from people for 14 days after travelling.

Jesus take the wheel! Mr Pressed Powder was all over the place! Shaking hands, talking unbearably loud, spraying salvia and moisture particles all over everyone (vomit), with absolutely no regard for the health and safety of the people he came into contact with.

In his highly dramatised presentation he spews out some spiel about the coronavirus not caring who you are, not being discriminate…bleh bleh bleh.

Well yeah Sherlock! Did you think you were so special you wouldn’t catch it? That the virus pathogens would see you coming and move out the way? I seriously CANNOT with this joker.

I am most angry about the fact that he willfully ignored all protocol and in his arrogance has put hundreds of people at risk. His studio staff, members of the media, members of the prison services he interviewed, the casino workers and many others.

Those who were in contact with him are now understandably panicked, not only because they are frightened of having contracted the virus but also the reality that they themselves may have spread it.

He has further exacerbated the fear and anxiety many of us carry these days as we watch the Covid-19 virus bring countries that are bigger than ours, have more money than ours and are considered more developed, to their knees.

I haven’t left my house in close to two weeks. While I mainly work from home, my weeks are usually dotted with meetings, case visits and other outside activities.

These have come to an end. I am trapped in a house with two tiny psychos that have driven me to the edge of sanity. My wine supply is running low, I am bored and mildly miserable. But you know what? I plan on keeping this self-imprisonment up as long as needed, not only to protect myself and family but all vulnerable persons in my community. I do this because I am a mostly decent human being, because I am aware that my actions may have long reaching effects and I understand that our healthcare system can only handle so much.

The ghoulie known as Ian Alleyne is sadly not the only ignoramus who believes (or in his case believed) they are a magical, incapable of getting this peasant virus.

It is completely baffling that the Minister of Health literally had to explain the concepts of social distancing and self-quarantine in pre-school terms to a nation where education is free.

People again can we please use those nice fluffy white and grey organs in your skull cavities and do what we need to do to protect ourselves and those around us who cannot effectively fight the virus.

And Mr Alleyne, I do hope you get better and you haven’t managed to infect those around you.

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