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 Commentary: How Can Crime Continue in the SoE

Commentary: How Can Crime Continue in the SoE

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By Neil Gosine

POLICE were kept busy last Friday as five people were killed in separate incidents in Central Trinidad.

In the first incident, three men were gunned down in Kelly Village, Caroni.

Just like that slaughter after slaughter and with no ease in the murder rate we a facing more blood on the streets.

For all citizens this should be of grave concern, as we are in a state of emergency (SoE). One would hope that the minister of national security is doing what is required to keep us safe in this time as we have more concerns over the corona virus and its spread to have to further worry about the safety our families.

Their lives and livelihoods are in great jeopardy from the crime spate in T&T.


Due to the headline grabbing death rate of the Covid-19, the murder rate that is out of hand under a SoE is going generally unnoticed by the general public and the Minister of National Security Fitzgerald Ethelbert Hinds is getting away with not being held accountable for the poor job he’s doing in his ministry.

Our citizens are the ones being gunned down; they are the ones drenched in a sea of blood with no hope for protection or justice; they are the ones whose cries fall on deaf ears; and live in self-imposed prisons.

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Yet no help comes from the authorities. So, in the midst of the horrendous shoot outs in east Port-of-Spain or the three murders in Kelly Village, Caroni, this past weekend, all we are seeing is more blood ahead in a SoE. In a SoE imagine that!

The minister hasn’t done a single thing to curb the murder rate, to put any workable plan in place since his appointment –  no crime prevention strategies have been shared to the media.

What will do to prevent further heinous crimes against our citizens or to deal with the spiraling crime epidemic?

Minister what is your plan really to deal with the crime spree in this pandemic? We already have lockdowns and curfews yet the killings continue unabated.

In fact, with respect to all crimes, the nation is repeatedly told that “police will comment further,” “investigations are continuing” and other similar statements that never materialise.

The breakthrough never comes. The police move onto another crime, another case and another and so on as the cycle continues.

The population and our families are the real sufferers that endure the dreadful life-long pain, knowing that hardcore criminals, gunmen and kidnappers, including murders, are casually walking the streets of the country.

With all the resources at the disposal of the Ministry of National Security including its various intelligence units, special branch, SIA and the police service amongst others, the evidence gathering capabilities the arrest rate and crime solving rate is abysmal.

It never ceases to amaze me the lengths that politicians are often willing to go to get into or stay in government but when it comes to effectively doing their job, they fail terribly at it at every turn.

Please, Mr Minister, make a diligent and unceasing effort to make Trinidad and Tobago safe again instead of playing game with people lives.

Our dead brothers, sisters, mothers fathers, children, husbands and wives call out to you.

(Neil Gosine is an insurance executive, the North East Regional Coordinator of the United National Congress and a former chairman of NP. The comments and opinions expressed by him in this column are not necessarily those of, a division of Complete Image Limited.)

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