Commentary: Checkmated by Kamla

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By Dr Neil Gosine

AS promised the United National Congress (UNC) Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar has shown everyone that she believes in democracy and the constitution of the party by calling the UNC internal elections on June 15, 2024. 

The party and its leader showed their commitment to the democratic process and will show its strength in the future general elections by this call for internal elections.

The internal elections will invigorate the organs of the party and will put the UNC on solid footing to contest the upcoming general elections. We are all excited to see the outcome and the candidates to contest the internal elections.

To see the policies that will emerge as the candidates highlights the plans to strengthen the nation that really needs new blood now as the PNM has destroyed everything in its path. 

Certain members calling for internal elections months in advance really had no effect as the political leader always intended to call the internal elections when it was constitutional due.

These members moving forward to force an issue to call for internal elections are really delusional and have not triggered anything that was not in the pipeline. 

Never did we hear that the political leader was not going to call the National Executive (Natex) elections. So really what was all this hullabaloo about by certain MPs noting that Persad-Bissessar as leader term in office does not expire until June 2025? 

Maybe they were trying to force internal elections for the leadership but have now been checkmated by the leader herself as she always intended to call the internal elections. 

If this was the real reason for making a public call months in advance for internal elections, then one must ask if these MPs did not read the party’s constitution and was not aware that the political leader has the option and the right to call internal elections and put up the post for leadership. That is the prerogative of the political leader. Only the political leader has the right to decide to put herself up for re-election before her term in office is up. So again I ask, why call for the election date months in advance? 

These certain MPs would like to take credit for forcing the political leader to call the internal elections but in reality, the leader acted within the constitution of the party and she had clearly stated this very early when these MPs called for elections. It was really confusing what they were trying to accomplish.

The leader has encouraged the members of her party to contest a position and participate as she always welcomes new and vibrant candidates to challenge and work towards a better Trinidad and Tobago. 

What is for certain is that  we need a UNC government now more than ever. So let’s all come together and build a better tomorrow for Trinidad and Tobago. I, of course, will be contesting the post of treasurer in the upcoming Natex elections and I urge all members in good standing with the party, who feel they can work towards a stronger future for Trinidad and Tobago, that they should take up the mantle and contest a post. 

The party is fully prepared for the internal elections, the bye-elections for the electorate districts of Lengua/Indian Walk and Quinam/Morne Diablo and continues to do tremendous work to prepare for a general election.

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