Commentary: 3 Paragraphs at a Time

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By Alicia Chamely

IT appears I have hit a wall.

Perhaps it’s been the lack of human interaction or end of year brain drain; regardless I have spent the last two weeks writing a series of one line to three paragraph articles that went nowhere.

With a deadline stalking me and the inability to focus on one topic, I decided this week’s offering should simply be a collection of thoughts and half-baked article ideas. Enjoy?

Ray of Fudging Sunshine

In desperate need of something to write I decided to do a self-challenge similar to my week as an Instagram narcissist. I would challenge myself to be one of those extremely positive people, one of those people whose glass is forever half full and can see the bright side to everything.

(Deep sigh) Yeah this lasted up to Tuesday. Perhaps it was the fact that my doubles man had sold out or that my four-year-old son, who came for the drive, insisted on listening to Old Town Road on repeat.  By 10am I had lost the plot.

Here’s the thing, for every pound of sunshine and sugar in my being there is an equal amount of snarky cynicism. There is nothing in my nature that makes me a bag of gum drops.  So that idea got scratched.
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Beaches Open! Rivers Closed?

That making any sense to you?

R.I.P Restaurant Industry

Restaurateur Peter George bravely placed himself on the altar of sacrifice this week when he criticised the Government’s lack of forward thinking in regards to the restaurant industry, which has arguably been one of the hardest hit since March. Trinis, being the haters that they are, attacked George, accusing him of only caring about his pocket versus national safety. Clearly these people have jobs which have allowed them to collect a salary during the pandemic.

Hang on Peter, I got this… The restaurant industry employs thousands of people both directly and indirectly. While many establishments were able to provide some sort of stipend for their employees during the first lockdown, many could not. So here we are eight months in, restaurants have closed or had to cut their staff drastically, leaving a notable amount of people unemployed; eating through their savings, acquiring substantial debt and being forced to choose between buying groceries for the week or paying rent. I am sure the majority of those employed in the restaurant industry would be willing to wear a full on hazmat suit and take reduced pay just to have some sort of regular income again.

So I understand Mr George, because if companies such as Trent are facing the reality of having to close some of their restaurants, imagine what has happened to the smaller family owned establishments. Is there a solution I can offer…erm no, so this idea also scratched.

The Tilting Nabarima And The Impending Disaster

Everybody: It’s tilting! If that oil gets out we’re screwed! Why isn’t our Government doing anything! Where is Venezuela!

Minister of Energy Franklin Khan: What tilt? Looks upright to me, no chance of disaster, none! We good.

Gary Aboud: EXPLODES

Venezuelan Authorities: No habla English! (Okay I know this is four lines).
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Allyuh Too Wicked! The DSS Saga Continues

Dawg if you putting your money in some giant “make money, investment scheme” with the name Drugs Sou Sou, what you really expect? Then you have the allegations of police involvement and all sorts of bamci-ness. It’s a hot mess.

For all those defending it, when it “collapses” who you going to call wicked? Please see my article published on September 26th before you accuse me of hating on non-traditional systems of investment and savings.

Just don’t be dumb.



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