THA Must Come Clean on Voice Note

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

THE leadership of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) must address immediately the concerns of Tobagonians arising out of a voice note that has been circulating on social media.

President of the Tobago Business Chamber Martin George in a video statement on Thursday said the matter was “serious, weighty and troubling.”

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The voice note that has been circulating since last week purports to be the recording of two senior THA executive officials discussing using public funds to hire people to carry out their agenda using social media.  

Since then, THA officials have not addressed the matter publicly.

George said, “We think that it is now incumbent of the leaders in the THA to come out and clear the air and indicate, what if any position they have in relation to these matters as they do not appear to be going away or dying quickly.”

He advised that THA executives not seek to make a political football of the situation but that they should treat the issue with maturity, sincerity, honesty and dignity.

George said, “If it is necessary to indicate that there has been a mea culpa and an apology, then we do so and we try to move on with a sense of dignity and respect from the people of Tobago.”

He added, “In the circumstances, nothing less will suffice to placate the cause and effect of the public and the media and persons who are going to be called upon at some point or another to choose who their leaders in Tobago shall be.”

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Persons will make the decision based on leaders who stand to admit their wrongs and take responsibility for it over leaders who continue to engage in shenanigans, evasions and clever and crafty deceptions,  George said.

He also said, “We maintain and we re-emphasis our call for public officials in Tobago and Trinidad to always seek to strive to aspire to the highest standards of moral and ethical behaviour while in public office and particularly when dealing with matters of the public purse and matters of transparency and accountability.”


One thought on “THA Must Come Clean on Voice Note

  1. This is similar to emailgate. A concocted strategy to deflect. I will label it as Tobagogate. PNM want an election into Tobago immediately so as to regain control in Tobago and improved their chances of winning the next general election. I believe the alleged business from the west who was implicated in emailgate is active again using AI and CHATGPT

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