Christmas Wishes 2023- Better Leadership

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Part 1

By Sue-Ann Wayow

WHILE there are many Christmas wishes of good health and prosperity for this year, there are also ones for better leadership, return to good values and a safer nation. 

In Tobago, peace, progress, productivity and prosperity is being wished upon on all Tobagonians.

The wish comes from head of the Tobago Business Chamber Martin George. 

In a Christmas message shared with AZP News on Christmas Eve, George said, “The Tobago Business Chamber wishes peace, prosperity, good wills, success, joy, happiness and love to all of Tobago and Tobagonians generally. We wish that there can be that return to that caring, compassionate spirit which once embodied the spirit of what being a Tobagonian was all about.” 

George did emphasise that there was a need for a reduction in crime on the island saying that the crime increase did not occur overnight and Tobago was changing “in a way that is not for the better.” 

In wishing everyone a merry Christmas, he made the call for an action plan to reduce crime and criminality in Tobago. 

George said, “It is something that we have been breeding and nurturing and festering. And while it is always easy to point fingers and say well you know its Trinidadians coming over and doing the crime, the reality is that we need to look into the mirror because many of these young men and young persons are our own, home grown, home bred, Tobago born and bred criminals. We need to face that reality and stop burying our heads in the sand.”

The Chamber’s hope is that Tobagonians return to core values  and appreciation for humanity and love for one another. 

“We need to teach our children proper values, we need ourselves to display proper values,” George said. 

“It is up to each one of us to make a difference,” he added. 

President of the Couva/Pt.Lisas Chamber of Commerce Mukesh Ramsingh, “Our Christmas wish would be that going in to 2024 and beyond, we see that our leaders come together against the crime issues in the country. We would also like to hope that the powers that be, our leaders again, when making their decision going forward that it impacts the lives of the Trinidad and Tobago citizens, that they make their decisions based on the betterment of the community.” 

Chief Executive Officer of the Dachin Group of Companies Derek Chin is wishing that citizens attempt to live honest and disciplined lives. 

Derek Chin

He told AZP News, “You are witnessing the decline and decimation of quality lifestyles and people’s basic human decency where we care not about maintaining standards and pride.   Heading towards chaos and soon the complete destruction of human dignity and decency.   So each one has a responsibility to focus on keeping your life above the obvious decline and do the right things.” 

President of the Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO) Pundit Lloyd Sirjoo is hoping for a peaceful nation. 

This in addition to authorities manning up to  their responsibilities,  religious institutions stop degrading persons who are not of their faith, politicians become more equally minded in serving the nation and that noise pollution would cease. 

“Good health, peace of mind and prosperity for 2024,” he wishes the population. 

And from charitable organisation Sewa International TT, its president Revan Teelucksingh said, “Sewa International TT Christmas wish is for all families to be happy, healthy and inspired to build a safer and brighter Trinidad and Tobago.” 


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