Christmas Treat in Caparo

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ALMOST 600 children in Caparo had a Christmas treat of a different kind this year.

The treat, held on Sunday evening was organised by Caparo Shoprite business establishments that consist of a supermarket, pharmacy and variety store located at Caparo Main Road.

The establishment’s carpark was opened to the children, parents and other visitors as they had a packed programme for those who attended.

Apart from the treats and toys that came from the US, the children received, they squealed with joy during a magic show with Razzle Dazzle  whose real name is Sharon Drysdale from Belmont.

There was also a puppet show, live entertainment, hamper giveaways for the adults, face painting, balloon folding, bouncy castles and even a doubles cart was present.

Children were also treated to other snacks and treats from other businesses.

One of the highlights was the display of reptiles and birds by the Reptile and Conservation Centre of Trinidad and Tobago based in Aranguez.

Parents were just as delighted as the children at the event.

Getting her face painted

One parent, Fabien it was his first time attending the event which was very informative, his son was very impressed with the animal display and he praised Shoprite for organising the treat.

“It is good that they are giving back to the community,” he said.

Shoprite owner, Marlon Durham who resides in  both the US and Trinidad told AZP News, last year was the company’s first year of a having a treat and it was half the size it was this year.

He said, “We are hoping that it grows with every year.”

Shoprite’s staff changed duties for the afternoon period, assisting in the event.

Durham said, “My wife and kids, we want to give back to the community here in Caparo and surrounding areas so what we are trying to do here now is invest in the children because they are the future.”

Apart from the treat, his family is working alongside Shoprite’s neighbour, the Caparo Roman Catholic Primary School to lift the education level in children.

Durham has already provided musical instruments for children to learn music and from January, 2024, he will be assisting with having professionals teach the older primary school children computer literacy.

All smiles to give out treat bags. AZP News/Sue-Ann Wayow

He said, “What I want to do is to level the playing field, to give the kids the same opportunity that people in other areas have.”

“My wife and kids, we just have the passion of giving back even though we don’t belong to this area, we have something and we need to invest into it,” Durham added.

He is originally from Endeavour, Chaguanas and his wife is from Moruga.

At the event which was streamed live, there was also a police presence and ambulance on site.

Durham said, “We  want to make people aware that there is a town called Caparo. There are many people in the country who do not know about Caparo so we want to put it on the map. We want to make sure that they have hope. They could see their possibilities too. These are things that we want to do. God has blessed us and we want to return that to the people here to give these kids a better opportunity.”

He added, “If everyone of us just does something to give back this will be a better place.”


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