Child, 3, Left in Wagon in PriceSmart Car Park

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A three-year-old girl was found screaming in a wagon with the windows half way up and the doors looked at a covered car park at PriceSmart in La Romaine on Sunday.

Security guards were alerted to the screams, police said, and ASP Roland Ramlogan, who is attached to the Port of Spain Division, was off-duty near the scene and went to see what was the commotion.

Ramlogan unlocked the doors and the security guards gave the child water to drink.

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An announcement was made on the public address system of the warehouse shopping complex and about 20-minutes later the child’s father and the girl’s two elder sisters returned to the AD Wagon.

The father, a vendor, 56, from Lalbeharry Trace in Debe, said the child was asleep and he took his two elder daughters to get their eyes checked when they arrived.

The man was taken into custody and was expected to be charged under Section Four 1 (a) of the Children’s Act which covers  neglect, ill-treatment and abandonment of a child.

According to the act, a summary conviction carries a fine of $5,000 or imprisonment for six years while a conviction of indictment was a fine of $50,000 and ten years’ in jail.

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