Cedros Residents: WASA Removing only Pipe for Water

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

RESIDENTS of Cedros, Icacos and Fullerton are outraged that the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) appears to be in the process of removing the only water supply to the area.

They gathered on Monday night to fill water in their tanks, barrels, buckets and bottles as they usually do from a pipe at Limefield Rd, Bamboo only to realise that persons purporting to be from WASA were going to discontinue public water supply.

Neil Transport Services

Local government councillor for Cedros Shankar Teelucksingh told AZP News on Tuesday that the public pipe stand located at ground level was being removed with no alternative to residents.

He said for months, residents continued to suffer from a lack of proper water supply.

Teelucksingh said the discontinuation of the water was now being investigated by WASA.


He said, “I spoke to a WASA official last night and he told me he was unaware of who gave the instruction to remove the pipe. He gave instructions for the crews and everybody to move out of the area and to hold up on doing anything until further arrangements could be made to provide water to residents.”

Teelucksingh said if WASA was indeed to cut supply at Limefield, he suggested that a public hydrant be placed in Cedros to provide water at a closer distance to villagers.

Resident wait to full water at night

His suggestion is that it be placed at Bonasse Village just before the floodgate where a previous hydrant was located.

The councilor said there was a hydrant located at Chatham Water Treatment Plant but for authorised use only and still, that would be too far for residents to travel.

AZP News has contacted WASA for comment.


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