Catholic, Presbyterian Schools Take 80% of Scholarships

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By Prior Beharry

CATHOLIC and Presbyterian secondary schools are awarded 80 of the 100 scholarships based on the 2022 Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE). 

The Ministry of Education issued the results on Thursday. Only two Government schools were on the list – Queen’s Royal College with three and North Eastern College with one. 

Seven of the secondary Catholic schools won 41 scholarships while four Presbyterian ones got 39. 

See breakdown below.

Catholic schools (41): 

  • Presentation College San Chaguanas – 11 
  • St Joseph’s Convent San Fernando – 7 
  • St Joseph’s Convent St Joseph – 7 
  • Holy Faith Convent Port of Spain – 5 
  • St Joseph’s Convent Port of Spain – 4 
  • Holy Faith Convent Couva – 4 
  • Holy Faith Convent Penal – 3 

Presbyterian schools (39): 

  • Naparima Girls’ High School – 19 
  • St Augustine Girls’ High School – 9 
  • Hillview College – 8 
  • Naparima College – 3 

Anglican schools (7): 

  • Bishop Anstey and Trinity College East Sixth Form – 3 
  • Bishop Anstey High School – 3 
  • St Stephen’s College – 1 

Hindu schools (6): 

  • Lakshmi Girls’s Hindu College – 4 
  • Pravati Girls’ High School – 1 
  • Vishnu Boys’ Hindu College – 1 

Government schools (4) 

  • Queen’s Royal College – 3 
  • North Eastern College – 1 

Islamic schools (3): 

  • ASJA Girls’ College San Fernando – 3 


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One thought on “Catholic, Presbyterian Schools Take 80% of Scholarships

  1. Why the need to highlight the religion of the schools? Is this done when Islamic/ Hindu schools do well? How about we highlight the religion of the students who actually got the scholarships, or better yet leave religion out of it entirely? We could make a comparison of board schools vs public instead. Is the selection process even fair? When majority of denominational schools in this country are Catholic/ Presbyterian, is it even a fair comparison? The percentage ratio is skewed.
    Grades need to be displayed so we know if it was ranked fairly. There’s no transparency in the system so this headline counts for little. Instead, this headline is falsely linking individual achievements of students to the religion of the school and implicitly attacking the self-esteem of those of other religions. It contributes to discrimination and is unacceptable.

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