A Gnarly Case of Gastroenteritis and LGE 2023

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Alicia Chamely
By Alicia Chamely

APOLOGIES  if you thought you would open this article and find your self chuckling at some insightful, witty yet poignant commentary. It has not been that kind of week.

Whether it originated from keeping up with the toxic mess that is the upcoming Local Government Elections or some tainted Chinese food, your girl here has a grotesquely gnarly case of gastroenteritis.

Despite my dire situation I figured I would hash out an article this week… I mean I might be the only coherent, non-disgusting thing that has come out of me in days.

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Local elections, oddly a few people have asked my opinion on the matter and I am not sure if to be flattered or really concerned for them, because truth be told if I am the person you turn to for social or political guidance things must be bad… you okay friend?

In my last couple of articles, I believe I have said all that I can say about the local elections. The
The opposition has appeared to have lost the plot. They have gone full Donald Trump taking about “light them up” and planting seeds of distrust in both the Elections and Boundaries Commission and the


Earlier this week, Opposition Leader Kamla Persad Bissessar encouraged her supporters to boycott Guardian Media Ltd, mother company of the Guardian newspaper, CNC3 and a host of radio stations.

Why? Because she believes they are painting a negative and politically biased picture of her.

Girl, be real. You are doing a good job of making yourself appear unhinged. And from what I remember during my tenure at the Guardian, everyone there was your best friend when the late Patrick Manning was losing power and the People’s Partnership was on the rise.

It never fails to surprise me how much politicians get all up in their feelings, and blame the media
without understanding the dangerous implications this has especially in terms of maintaining freedom of the press and democracy.

“I don’t like it, so you shouldn’t support it,” whines every butt-hurt political figure.

Oddly the opposition hasn’t said much on their policies for local government and has rather focused
on a campaign clearly aimed at general elections… I mean I am not sure crime, gun ownership and mystery inheritance taxes are tied to local government.

The government on the other hand, has presented a plan for the reform of local government, something that needs to be done, albeit, some may say after eight years. I agree with them there but cannot say I trust it will be done in the most transparent, effective ways.

Local government as it is, has always been a runaway horse and it’s going to take a lot to rein in that stallion.


Another issue with the government that they have failed to address is that they all come off so
unlikable. I mean fellas would it hurt to show some personality, some humility, some charisma?

Other than that, the government has spent a lot of campaign time debunking accusations made by the opposition regarding, again, inheritance tax and the prime minister’s properties. It has taken up so much
of the Government’s time that I don’t think the majority of people have a clear understanding of the
local government reform.

Ahhh… perhaps it’s a clever plot by the opposition. Keep the government busy defending themselves,
rather than educating the public on something that will benefit them. Good on you, UNC, good on you. That’s how you play the game.

While the titans are bickering the smaller parties have gained significant support and say what you want
to say about them, I suspect they will make a noteworthy impact on the results of Monday’s elections.


This is what the government and opposition should be paying attention to, because this is a definitive
sign of what we have all been saying for the longest time, which is the old way of two-party politics isn’t
cutting it anymore, people are fed up with both parties and their inability to move our country forward.
And that is that.

So, on Monday evening we shall see. In the meantime, I am going back to drinking my gross rehydration drinks, while dreaming of the day I can eat again… stew chicken, macaroni pie, callaloo and some curry in between… oh child.

Oh and also don’t be surprised that by Tuesday everyone who didn’t win will be bawling that the EBC is
corrupt… same ole, same ole.


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