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 Candlelight Petition Goes to Tobago on Thursday

Candlelight Petition Goes to Tobago on Thursday

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By Prior Beharry

THE petition calling for a number of measures to protect women will be available in Tobago on Thursday.

A release on Tuesday stated: “People Against Domestic Abuse in collaboration with the Candlelight Movement will be bringing the National Petition to Tobago.

“We will be at the Scarborough Port Mall on Thursday 11, March, 2021 from 9am to 3.30pm for those interested in signing the petition.”

The petition was created after the murders of Andrea Bharatt and Ashanti Riley. A number of candlelight vigils were held following the discovery of Bharatt’s body a week after the court clerk went missing.  Since then there have been calls for better protection of women.

Phillip Alexander, of the Candlelight Movement, said the petition would include only physical signatures to avoid allegations of the purchasing of them if it was done online.

A number of organisations have placed the petition to be signed on their premises and another event for signing will take place on Friday at Barakah Grounds at Endeavour  in Chaguanas from 7pm.

The petition calls for:

  • Decriminalization of non-lethal weapons for women including but not limited to tazers and pepper spray;
  • Fast tracking system to obtain a Firearm Users Licence (FUL) for women;
  • Registration and regulation of PH taxis to create a system that safeguards the travelling public;
  • Implementation of a system of control for the issuing of official motor vehicle license plates; and
  • A Commission of Enquiry into the Criminal Justice System.

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