Letters: Call General Elections Now

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Dear editor,
I refer to 400. Many may think this is the latest West Indies cricket score. However and unfortunately it is the murder rate figure for the year 2023.

Now the Commissioner of Police at the Independence Day celebrations indicated that the murder rate in Trinidad and Tobago has dropped.


However, the figures continue to rise. I am sure it has risen while I’m writing this letter.

With that being said it is time for the commissioner of police to admit she has failed in carrying out her duties and must also admit that her failure is totally her fault but it is due to a government lacking the political will to fight crime. It is clear we have a minister of national security failing in job and must be removed.

Further to this the prime minister continues to operate as though all is well. The prime minister continues to be the head of a government that oversees high murder rates year after year and fails to stop the rise.


Therefore the only solution for our nation is for the government to call a general election and let the people of this nation decide.

A nation that has been rocked by gruesome murders, robberies, home invasions and other serious crimes. It is time for our country to return to some form of normalcy and this can happen with a general election and new government.

Brian Baig
Attorney at Law


Send Letters to the Editor at: letters@azpnews.com or news@azpnews.com


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