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 Brilliant Italy: First Team To Qualify

Brilliant Italy: First Team To Qualify

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By Gerald Lutchman

AS I had predicted Russia won the game against Finland but by a 1-0 margin. In quite an exciting game both sides were interested in gaining all the points. Russia made the initial running and had 59% of the possession with 14 shots at goal and three on target.

Finland Vs Russia   16/06/21    9am

Score: 1-0 Russia

Krestovsky Stadium


The difference occurred in the 47th minute from Miranchuk with a good goal.  Finland were very good on the counter attack and created a lot of issues with the long through ball but just could not find the net.

Turkey vs Wales 16/06/21 12 noon

 2 –0 wales

Baku Olymlic Stadium

Gareth Bale had almost a perfect game except for the worst penalty of the tournament. As we say in Trinidad it was “up in the coconut trees.” Such a miss from a gifted player, then again we must remember even Maradona and Pele missed them. He has a wonderful game with a hand in both goals and a reminder that he is still an excellent player.

Ramsey in the 42nd and Roberts in the 95th sealed it for Wales. Turkey had 64% of the possession and 18 shots at goal with six on target but none in the net compared to the two from Wales that found the back of the net.

This win has given Wales the opportunity to progress with 4 points but has left Turkey with a mountain to climb.

Italy vs Switzerland 16/06/21 3pm

3 -0 for Italy

Stadio Olympico

As I had predicted, the Italians would have been too much for Switzerland and showed their class with another outstanding performance. Another complete performance by Italy led to a big victory. This team has it all – defence, midfield and attack. Italian teams in the past were often accused of being defensive but not this one, they are ultra aggressive  with in-your-face football. They play it all – long ball, short ball and the one-two so they will be difficult to beat.

Shanic May 2021 edited latest to use

A brace by Locatelli in the 26th and 52nd and Immobile in the 89th ensured a comprehensive victory. They had 13 shots on goal and three on target with all three being goals.


Tomorrow’s games

Ukraine vs North Macedonia 17/06/21 9am

Predicted score 2 -0 for Ukraine

National Arena

This should be a good one with Ukraine looking for a win to stay in the competition and they will have a great chance against the debutants. Ukraine are a good team with a lot of talent and speed and will prove too much for North Macedonia. North Macedonia are not pushovers and will certainly aim for an upset but Ukraine has a lot of excellent players and will win.

Denmark vs Belgium 17/06/21   12 noon

Predicted score 2-1 for Belgium

Parken Stadium  

This should be an exciting game with Denmark wanting to make a firm statement and send a good message to Erickson – this one is for you. Belgium are not the world’s number 1 by a fluke, they are that good.  It will take a great team to topple them and while Denmark is good they are still traumatised by the last game.


Holland vs Austria 17/06/21 3pm

Prediction 3 -1 for Holland

Amsterdam Arena

 Holland will be too much for Austria and with the speed of their game they will score and win. Austria are not a bad team but will find Holland a class above. The only issue with Holland is the occasional defence lapse which may allow Austria a goal.

Remember Copa is back on tomorrow with two games

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