bpTT Spuds First well on Cypre

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BPTT has started to drill first of seven wells in the Cypre gas project.

In a statement on Thursday, bpTT noted, “On Carnival Tuesday, while much of the country was enjoying the Carnival festivities, our offshore teams were hard at work starting the drilling of the first well for our Cypre major project. This is the first of seven wells to be drilled.


“Cypre is bpTT’s next major offshore gas project – a subsea development that will connect gas from the Cypre field to our Juniper platform off Trinidad’s southeast coast. Cypre forms part of bpTT’s strategy of maximizing production from existing infrastructure, identifying innovative solutions to bring gas to the market faster. First gas is expected in 2025.”

bpTT president David Campbell said: “Following the successful delivery of our small pools drilling programme we are pleased to see the safe and efficient retooling and relocation of the Valaris Joe Douglas rig to the Cypre field.

Cypre subsea layout

“Cypre is a significant investment for bpTT to continue to maintain production and the start of the drilling programme is an important step in the Cypre project.

“Our objective is to bring natural gas into production safely and as quickly as possible – I’m proud that we are doing just that, having sanctioned Cypre soon after our meeting with Prime Minister Rowley in London in Q3 2022, we have quickly progressed our planning and are already drilling our first well. Our teams are fully focused on drilling and other aspects of the Cypre development to deliver first gas by 2025.”

The Cypre gas field is located 78 kilometres off the southeast coast of Trinidad within the East Mayaro Block, in water depth of approximately 80 metres.

Cypre will become bpTT’s third subsea development. It will include seven wells and subsea trees tied back into bpTT’s existing Juniper platform via flexible flowlines.



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