Body Parts Found in Cunupia

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THE dismembered body parts of two men were found bagged and dumped in Cunupia on Monday.

Police believe that the bodies were cut into pieces using electrical tools.

An informant told officers that he was looking for flowers along the river bank off Mon Plasir Road, when he saw a human foot protruding out from under a mattress.

It appeared to have been cut by the thigh and knee. He then noticed several garbage bags nearby emanating a foul scent.

The police were notified and a team of officers from the Cunupia Police Station and the Homicide Bureau of Investigation responded.

Officers found another leg floating in the river, after a search.

The body parts found included intestines and internal organs.

The men’s identities have not yet been confirmed. One of the victims had a tattoo on his chest.

Anyone with information that could lead to the identities of the victims can contact the Cunupia Police Station, the Homicide Bureau of Investigations, 555 and 800-TIPS.

Information can also be given via the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) app.


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