Barge,Tug Boat Involved in Tobago Oil Spill

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By Prior Beharry

THE barge that sunk and is polluting the coastline of Tobago was being towed by a tug boat and was heading to Guyana.

A release from the Ministry of National Security on Wednesday stated that the vessels had not reached their destination of Guyana and it was still unknown whether lives were lost.

It stated that the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard (TTCG) confirmed that the barge was being towed by a tug called the Solo Creed from Panama and was destined for Guyana.

The release stated, “Satellite imagery shows the Solo Creed towing an object on the 4th of February 2024. The National Coastal Surveillance Radar Centre (NCSRC) was able to use this information, to track the tug in Trinidad and Tobago waters, towing an object. The NCSRC eventually lost radar contact with both vessels. The TTCG has also confirmed that neither the tug, nor the barge, have (sic) entered Guyana waters.”

It stated that CARICOM IMPACS contacted authorities in Panama and Aruba for photographs which confirmed the identity of both vessels.

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One thought on “Barge,Tug Boat Involved in Tobago Oil Spill

  1. when the the Coast Guard realize they lost contact and knowing their last sighting would be in the our region and couldn’t reach Guyana. why a surveillance team was sent out looking for them.

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