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By Alicia Chamely

WELCOME to Alicia’s Conspiracy Corner.

Today we will be exploring the not-so-simple Web Source “robbery”.

Was this just another act of brazen crime or was this something more ominous? Gangs, FIFA, Jack Warner, the KGB, MPs what are their roles in this saga?

Here’s what we know:

  • On Tuesday morning five or eight (reports vary) bandits broke into the Trincity warehouse of Web Source, making off with two vans filled with 150 packages worth approximately $250,000;
  • As of Wednesday, the two vans were recovered in Laventille and between ten to 15 packages were anonymously returned; and
  • It has been reported that police officers have been contacted by residents of Beetham Gardens who were in receipt of the stolen packages and wished to return them.

I don’t know about you all, but this smells fishy. After much thought and imaginary investigation, I have developed three theories explaining the heist, and it all makes sense…kinda.

Let us explore, shall we?

Theory 1: The Package

*This is probably the most plausible motivation for the crime. We all know this is exactly what happened.

Strange how these well-equipped “bandits” just gave away thousands of dollars of electronics, toys, clothing and shoes. Especially around Christmas when people are hunting for goods that may not be available locally. Wouldn’t it make sense for these bandits to sell the goods?

Because of our super-efficient Customs and Excise Division, it isn’t much of a stretch to think that one of those 150 packages contained drugs, guns or cash. For some reason, those things don’t ring bells but try to import a toy of an adult nature and every alarm goes off.

Therefore, it is plausible that the illicit items were intended for a gang leader whose name was not on the package of course. A rival gang got wind of this and intercepted the package. The rest of the packages were dumped rather than being sold not because gangs don’t enjoy sharing for Christmas, but because they needed to ensure they couldn’t be traced back to the crime.

What was in that package and why was it so important? This brings me to…

Theory 2: The Jack Warner Extradition

On Thursday, just three days after the robbery, national hero and FIFA villain Jack Warner lost his fight not to be extradited to the US to face a series of fraud charges being bought against him.

What does this have to do with the packages? Well, Warner appeared confident that he wouldn’t be extradited… too confident. Almost as though he had a key piece of evidence that would not only vindicate him but would also bring down his enemies in the Red House.

Now, perhaps this evidence, be it a thumb drive, was neatly packed into an Amazon box and sent via skybox, to avoid suspicions. Had things gone to plan Warner would have received his package before his trial, laid down his damning evidence and BAM freedom!

However greater forces were at play, and it is plausible to deduce that the package was intercepted by one of Warner’s foes. Could it have been the KGB? After all the last FIFA World Cup was held in Russia and as we have learned, winning bids to host the World Cup aren’t always clean-handed… if you know what I mean.

Could a certain law enforcement television personality be involved? On his programme, he urged if anyone had received these packages to please do the right thing and return them. Was it calls for good sense to prevail or a veiled message to operatives that the evidence had been located and it was time to ditch the rest? How deep do the Russian tenacles run in T&T?

Speaking of calls for good sense…

Theory 3:  A certain MP orchestrated the entire heist for optics

On Monday a certain Port of Spain MP, who loves coal pots and bicycles, called for gangs to lay down their guns, choose peace and turn away from crime.

Suspicious isn’t it that all these packages are so kindly being returned? Almost as though it was all planned as if to show the people of certain high crime areas were inspired by MP Breadfruit to do the right thing. It would be safe to say this would be huge come elections or if an opening for a new minister of national security were to arise.

Think about it, lone MP turns a crime-riddled area into a haven full of ethical, moral, model citizens. How did he do it? He simply called upon them and through his aura of light and love they were lifted and reformed. This MP would be seen as a hero, a giant among men! In these times, this would be golden for the Government in efforts to restore the faith of the people.

Who knows the true story behind the Web Source heist? It could be nothing or it could be everything. Stay sharp people, stay illuminated and trust no one!


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