After Protest, Water Coming Back in Mayaro

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

WATER is being restored to Mayaro and environs says the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA).

WASA on Wednesday afternoon stated in a media release that the pipe-borne water supply was being restored, following recent disruptions. 

The disruptions included a planned disruption at the Navet Water Treatment Plant, on Tuesday for maintenance works at the TCO Booster Station which was preceded by emergency repairs to two ruptures on the 20-inch diameter transmission pipeline, in the vicinity of LP277 Tabaquite Road, Rio Claro last Saturday and Tuesday.

WASA stated it has increased its truck-borne service to the area and has been providing a supplemental truck service, with particular focus on customers at elevated points or at the extremities of the distribution system.

WASA’s statements come after residents of Union Village, Rio Claro blocked the roadway including the Naparima Mayaro Road in an early morning protest on Wednesday.

The residents were protesting a lack of water.

Member of Parliament for Mayaro Rushton Paray expressed his support for the actions initiated by the residents of Union Village and its neighbouring communities.

The water issues were persistent he said.

Having made proposals over the past two years to WASA, Paray again reiterated his suggestions.

Neil Transport Services

His recommendations include: operationalising the Petro Guaya Service, commissioning a new Water Treatment Plant, drawing from the Ortoire River and laying down a novel 14″ line stretching from Navet to Tableland, which would facilitate uninterrupted access of the existing line to Rio Claro.

“Concurrently, I urge WASA to embrace and implement the Water Trucking Plan I proposed over a year ago. Let’s work collaboratively to ensure the people of Mayaro no longer endure the hardships of water scarcity,” Paray said.

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) is investigating the protest.

In a media release sent out at 2.40 pm, the TTPS stated that the roads were cleared and   debris, burning tires and fallen trees in Union Village, Rio Claro and along the Naparima Mayaro Road removed.

Police officers upon responding to the protest said they were met with a steel drill pipe across the roadway welded to a metal bridge with placards that read ‘NO WATER.’

There was a heavy traffic build-up in the affected areas.

After 8 am, police officers, as well as personnel from the Rio Claro Fire Station and Mayaro/Rio Claro Regional Cooperation extinguished the fires and removed the blockages and returned the areas to normalcy. 

No protestors were seen at the scenes, the TTPS stated.

According to Senior Superintendent, Eastern Division, Ryan Khan he  said while the police “understand” the plight of those affected, it was an offence to block the roadway. 

The release stated, “He strongly urged the affected parties to highlight their issues in a manner that does not inconvenience other road users which also places drivers at risk. The TTPS is continuing investigations into the incidents.”

According to WASA, the pipe born water supply is  keeping with the following rotation: 

• Mile End – 19 to 21 September 

• Balata, Mafeking, Cedar Grove – 21 to 22 September 

• Cascadoux, Kernaham – 22 to 23 September 

• Rabita, Resthouse, Ortoire, Coconut Grove – 23 to 24 September 

• Alexis, Panhandle, Solomon Street, Peter Hill – 24 to 25 September 

• St. Ann’s, Begorat – 25 to 26 September 

 The Authority also stated it continues to maintain open lines of communication with customers, parliamentary and local government representatives, regarding service to customers in the area and the provision of a supplemental truck borne service where required.

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