T&T at Crossroads – Letter to Editor

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Dear Editor

This week I walked with the United National Congress candidates for St Joseph/Santa Margarita Peter Nero and Tumpuna Arima Dinell Peters.

We were accompanied by Senator Jearlean John. Whilst these areas are traditionally considered PNM strongholds, I was overwhelmed by the warm reception we received.

It is clear that all Trinidadians have certain things in common. Mainly, they want the country to move forward. This includes trustworthy elected officials, a crime- and corruption-free society, equal access to basic amenities and resources, jobs, education, proper infrastructure and value for their hard earned tax dollars.

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This is why Monday’s local government election is so critical. Trinidad and Tobago is not simply at the proverbial crossroads. As a country and a people, we are in desperate need of rescue. Crime, corruption and incompetence in governance have ruined our once sweet T&T. God is no longer a Trini. He has migrated.

Just consider how the PNM’s major platform – the proposed property tax – will impact upon you and your family. As for the state of your communities: Prime Minister Rowley recently admitted to starving Local Government of resources resulting in terrible road conditions. Is it realistic to expect that after 8 years of starving corporations of resources, that the government will just turn things around with its shallow proposal for reform?


My brothers and sisters – through the power of voting, you can express your support or non-support for the government’s economic management strategies. Local government plays a crucial role in allocating resources, implementing development projects, and addressing community needs. By actively participating in these elections, you can influence economic policies that directly affect your neighbourhoods, infrastructure, and services such as education, healthcare, and public transportation. This involvement encourages transparency and accountability within the government, ensuring that economic decisions are made in the best interests of the people.

I know many of you feel disillusioned with the general state of the country. You might even question the impact of voting in the local government elections. But your abstinence could potentially undermine the overall effectiveness of the local government system. Abstaining from voting might inadvertently perpetuate economic challenges.

Rather than disengaging entirely, I urge you to use your voting power to support candidates who demonstrate sound economic policies and commitment to responsible management.

I don’t consider it self-serving to say that the UNC has the better candidates. The UNC continues to demonstrate commitment to the betterment of our country. UNC candidates demonstrate empathy and are people-centered in their focus. They are prepared to do whatever it takes to serve you, the beautiful people of our great nation. Transparency and accountability are our watchwords.

I urge all responsible citizens to make use of their sacred right to vote. And to make use of their common sense and vote UNC. The PNM has proven beyond all doubt that they cannot do the job. Let the party which has proven it can do the job, do the job.

Dinesh Ramablly

Chaguanas West MP


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