2,500 Pound Turtle Rescued on Maracas Beach

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By Prior Beharry

A NESTING turtle is returned safely to the water after being disoriented while laying eggs on Maracas Beach on Tuesday.

A release from the Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (UDeCOTT) stated that its Maracas Bay Facilities Team assisted the Animal Care Specialists from The Emperor Valley Zoo and The Las Cuevas Eco Friendly Association, to returned the turtle to sea.

TTPS Officers who were also on patrol at Maracas, joined the group offering assistance, the release stated.


The turtle, estimated at a weight of 2,500 pounds, was disoriented after laying the eggs and made her way to the bathroom area in error and became trapped.

The release stated that security personnel who were making their early rounds came across the creature and cordoned off the area from public access.


It stated that vets administered treatment to minor cuts and bruises the turtle sustained and after a short period of observation the Leatherback was helped back to water.

Facility Manager, Shivanand Ramoutar said it was a joy to help the turtle.


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