2 People in Tobago Quarantine Rushed to Hospital

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An ambulance at a resort in Tobago where people are quarantined due to the Covid-1 threat.

AT least two people in quarantine at a facility in Tobago have taken ill and had to be rushed to the Scarborough General Hospital on Sunday.

One source told AZPNews.com that two ambulances showed up around 5 pm on Sunday and took at least two people who had complained earlier about felling unwell.

The resort has been converted to a quarantine facility since Wednesday when nationals of Trinidad and Tobago came in on a Virgin Atlantic flight, they were escorted under police guard to the place. The quarantine is to fight the Covid-19 pandemic that is sweeping the world.

Just about a dozen people are at the facility and one of the occupants said they are now worried that their 14-day quarantine period will now have to start over, if the people taken away by ambulance test positive for the Covid-19.


Noting that the people who were taken to hospital were in a separate building to where he was staying, the source said they did share a common area with the rest of those in quarantine.

He said some were worried that if the people taken away do get the Covid-19, they shared things in the common area like a kettle to make tea and coffee.

He said some of the people at the facility were from Tobago and their family members were stopped from leaving care packages that would make their stay more comfortable.

The place is being guarded by police and army officers. The source shared a WhatsApp message that was sent to all those in quarantine on Saturday.

It read: “Good morning guys. As for care packages and packages being dropped off by relatives the armed forces has asked that such be discontinued. However we are to meet with the team later today to try to come up with a compromise as to either meeting place of fixed schedule to have facilitated. We do apologise at this time but we also have to follow instructions from our armed forces.”

Thus far the Ministry of Health has stated that 50 people have been tested positive for the Covid-19 virus. They were all imported cases.




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