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System to Trade Cryptocurrency from WhatsApp Launches in Barbados

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Gabriel Abed

BRIDGETOWN – A system that allows the trading of cryptocurrency from WhatsApp has been launched in Barbados.

It was launched on Friday and is called It’s a bot (a software application that runs automated tasks over the Internet) that was developed to interact “with group chats to offer members the ability to pull market data, reward each other and exchange tokens without the need for a third-party application,” a release from Gaby stated.

According to Gaby’s founder Gabriel Abed, “For the past two years, a small and talented tech team based in Barbados has been redefining the way we interact with instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger. Using these platforms we can now send and receive crypto and trade between different digital currencies from within these ‘chats.’”

He said, “I’ve always been a champion for empowerment. The intent is for this bot to better serve the growing number of chat-based communities and the people across the world who use these platforms on a daily basis.”

A release stated that, “The bot currently runs in over 200 crypto chat communities, serving over 8,000 WhatsApp members with the most popular feature being the ability to tip members in cryptocurrency.”

Abed said, “It’s an excellent way to incentivise members to share and engage within the group and foster a better community.”

The tokens available for reward purposes include Bitcoin, Ethereum or the Gaby Token. Group chat admins also have the ability to create their own token.

Liran Peretz… CEO of Gaby

Founded by Barbadian-born Abed and technology expert Liran Peretz, is an artificial intelligence (Ai) development company that focuses on designing world-class Ai systems for businesses in various sectors, the release noted.

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