Moonilal Calls on Young To Resign

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Oropouche MP Dr Roodal Moonilal

OROPOUCHE MP Dr Roodal Moonilal is calling on National Security Minister Stuart Young to resign.

In a release on Wednesday, Dr Moonilal said the Government has mismanaged the Covid-19 threat.

He said, “They make policy by voop at press conferences and cancel policy by vaps at press conferences.

“They have mismanaged every single thing since January 2020 vis the Covid-19 threat.

“Today in the second week of April they now asking private labs to test, having failed to procure test kits and equipment since January.

“I express outrage and bewilderment at the ultimate manifestation of incompetence and bungling of the Rowley led government.

“In their last days they introduce a private security driven comfort patrol one day and then cancel 24 hours later.

“Stuart Young must resign forthwith for this level of incompetence in this most serious ministry at this most dangerous time!

“The right hand don’t know what the left hand doing !

National Security Minister Stuart Young

“It is easier to apply for a United States visa than the salary relief grant.

“They tell us go in the kitchen, buss up a t-shirt and make masks. Not having procured masks since January 2020.

“Today we are told that the ministry of health is raiding health centers and hospitals to take away protective gear from health workers to give the disaster management units so that the minister can look good giving out masks to citizens.

“This after they said on January 31 they ‘they prepared and resourced’ for the challenge.

“This policy U-turn suggest that the government is out of its depth and clueless to confront the danger of Covid-19 !

“The government is now imploding under the weight of corruption and incompetence.”



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